Jitka Šidlová


Wedding photography – basic information

Hi there, I am Jitka Sidlova, an all-time enjoyer of life, space and energy around me. I am obsessed by trying to find a positive moment in every story of our lives.

First of all I am a mother of two and loving wife of my ginger husband. Except for my family I love photography and I am obsessed by capturing moments into images that will ABOVE ALL, EACH IMAGE SHOULD TRANSPORT YOU TO THAT MOMENT 5, 15 OR 30 YEARS LATER ON DOWN THE ROAD.

Your wedding day is your visual gift and inheritance to your children and grandchildren. You put a lot of trust to you wedding photographer and you should choose a right person for you. So don’t choose the photographer according to his or her pricing, but choose YOUR PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER.

As I believe there is a great value in every moment, I try to capture them all – all that happy smiles, tears, joy and how your day naturally came. I am not aiming to document you day second by second but rather to tell you story and make you remember how you felt. I want to create you visual legacy.

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